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We are always looking for quality to reach our goals

We are competitive in prices through international market

Our sources are the highest qualified in quality and grading for many years in the market. Our goal is to reach the best service and satisfy our clients around the world. Our philosophy is to continue satisfying our clients for the best service.


We specialize in packaging and exporting top quality beans, peas and lentils both domestically and internationally. Our goal is to find the finest beans, peas, pulses, grains from the fertile lands of Canada and bring them into the market.


We ensure devoted customer care. Our project managers lead teams and oversee all aspects of orders from start to finish and are always available to customize orders, answer your questions or concerns. 

Our Team

We strive to bring in the highest quality of products to our clients. We are devoted to providing the best-in-class customer care for our clients. With over 10 plus years of experience in our field, we specialize in packaging and exporting top quality beans, peas and lentils both internationally and domestically. 





With over 10 plus years of extensive trading experience in the grain industry - like a coliseum, Nazih started from the bottom and worked his way up the food chain. Canadian Grain company from scratch a trader of grains between North America & the Middle East especially to the Gulf countries and through India, Pakistan & parts of Asia. As President, he is proud to bring his experience and expertise to this company. Concentrating on the export of top quality products and demanding to reach the goals of growth for this company.